One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our family is the time to focus inwardly and improve our skills.  This personal focus increases our confidence and happiness, improving our own lives and the lives of those around us.  From our long experience working with executives in many of the world's largest companies we have distilled the lessons that make people successful. We have created this series of courses so you too can benefit from this knowledge in your life.
In this course we give you all you need to know to really perform to your best in a job interview,  We cover how to prepare your resume to stand out from the crowd to get you the interview  right through to how to manage your nerves and manage your body language on the big day.
Why do some people really shine and others fade into the background?  The confidence to stand out and be a leader can be taught and in this course we coach you all the way to gaining that confidence so you can reach your full potential.
With the help of this course you can develop a great voice that will have people listening.  We coach you in professional breathing techniques and clear annunciation that will allow you to really project your personality through your speech.
The way we use our bodies in situations sends powerful messages to those around us.  In this course we coach you in the secrets of leaders and together with our Voice Development Course, you will really have the inside track on influencing people.

“Mimi is the consummate professional and works as an extension of our team to deliver robust, insightful and enjoyable training programmes."

Sarah Townsend, Co-Managing Director, McKenna Townsend