Winning new business contracts is an expensive business - there's the time taken to design a proposal, involve sub-contractors, have commercial meetings and create any presentation material.  You have to make sure your team performs well on the day and in this course we help you prepare the essential ingredient of success - the people!
The effective use of time is critical to the success of a business as well as the well being of employees.  In this course we teach the skills to prioritise tasks effectively to achieve a great work-life balance to the benefit of the individual and organisation.
Do you need to give really persuasive presentations?  At all stages of our careers we need to influence and impress others through formal and informal presentations.  I know  - because I have trained executives at all stages of their careers and from all industries - from CEOs and Entrepreneurs to junior rising stars and sales executives.  



This Course builds on the themes introduced in our Time Management Course, teaching early career executives to manage the workload and interests of their colleagues as well as themselves. You will learn how to create a happy and effective work environment where everyone can achieve their maximum potential.
Our core training is undertaken in small workshops of 4 to 6 delegates.  This group size is ideal for allowing everyone sufficient opportunity to have direct personal coaching as well as creating a team learning atmosphere where delegates can also learn from each other's experience and skill set.

“BizVoice ran an amazing session that kept our businesses talking for weeks."

Megan Powell Vreeswijk,

Senior Commercialisation Fellow,

Loughborough University

So you're leading a really effective team, you've made your pitch and you're in pole position.  How are you going to get great deal, manage your resources and build a wider team. Understanding everyone's interests is key and in this course we give you the techniques to come out a long term winner!