Wall flowers do not win new business.  It is the job of everyone in a business or organisation to effectively represent their employer to others.  In this course we cover how to develop the necessary confidence and create opportunities at any networking event.
We all need to influence others to be truly effective at our jobs.  In this course we coach your team in how to manage information into persuasive  messages, and gain the verbal and non-verbal skills to deliver those messages effectively.



Forming, Storming, Norming Performing - the well known 4 stages of a team. Effective teams are the building blocks of a successful organisation, and teams are most effective when every member fully understands how to relate to other members, how to avoid conflict and provide support to each other.
Seminars are great for motivating your larger teams.  Catering for 10 to 40 delegates, we run fun sessions comprising elements of taught material, group exercises, open discussion and "have-a-go-heroes".

“BizVoice ran an amazing session that kept our businesses talking for weeks."

Megan Powell Vreeswijk,

Senior Commercialisation Fellow,

Loughborough University