Are you or your team working from home or remote working more than you are in the office? Would it be easier to develop your skills through shorter online workshops that can fit better with your schedule, rather than travelling to a day- long live workshop? Do you need to develop presence and influence in online forums? 

Our online workshops are proving to be popular, not just because in lockdown they have provided clients with a way of continuing to provide skills development opportunities, but because for participants it provides a flexible, effective way of attending training.

Each of our virtual programmes consists of a short series of 2hr online workshops or tutorials. Every programme is bespoke to the needs of the client, and the length of the programme will vary accordingly.


Programmes we are currently running or have run recently:

  • Effective Virtual Meeting Management

  • Persuasive Virtual Presentations

  • Virtual New Business Pitches

  • Presence and Influence in the Virtual Environment

  • Communication and Personal Impact in the Virtual Environment

  • Virtual Interview Skills

  • Media Training and Handling Virtual Media Interviews

We also run optional virtual workshops as an add-on to our e-learning video programmes.

What our clients have said:

"Mimi is great, enthusiastic, high energy and keeps everyone engaged during the session."

"It's good to have an interactive format where we can practice pitching."

"Nice to have gaps between sessions to allow time to review notes she has sent and practice."

"I think Mimi is good, very professional but easy to speak with."

"Session was excellent! Mimi is a great presenter!"